Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Believe it or not, no brushes were used in the making of the above painting. Inspired by the works of Iris Scott, I set out to challenge myself and create a piece with finger painting. As I created this peice, there was no larger lesson for me to learn other than that fingerpainting may be child's play, but it also takes a large amount of practice to properly accomplish.

Also inspired by a contemporary artist, but not necessarily a specific one, was this lovely astrological inspired chess set. Artists such as May Ray, Laura Cowen or Staunton may have made ideal modern chess sets, but this one became the pride of my semester. In this piece I primarily struggled in colouring the pieces, and distinguishing the pieces to their according colour. However this was easily solved with acrylic paint and splattering each piece with their appropriate colour.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

At the Museum

Photo 1: I did not react to this painting at all, I found it attractive, but it told too much of a story to me for it to be explored.
Photo 2: I adored this peice when I first saw it. But it didn't inspire me for a project.
Photo 3: upon seeing this peice I was at first in hate of it. But then it inspired me to go back on an old peice that was similar and redo it.