Thursday, March 27, 2014

Queen Jane of the Blonds.

I fell in LOVE with this piece as I was painting it. Acrylic on Canvas may not be too new me, as it is my primary method of art. Yet, it was only my second time doing a portrait from a photograph of a friend. I drew inspiration from a photo she sent me to do one of her as a queen. After all, she always plays the queen when we roleplay. #geek. The main piece itself is inspired by the art of the renaissance.
As I molded my friend from the paint I often found difficulty getting the tones just right, and they would either be too yellow, or too light for me to use on the intended area. More than once I had to turn away from the painting, and do something else so I wouldn't ruin it. I learned methods of moving the brush to blend, or at texture without adding streaks to the painting. Overall, I love the way this turned out, and can't wait to gift it to my friend the next time I see her.


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. All of that, is describes the oh-too familiar box from the hit british TV show: Doctor Who. In this project, that 50 year running TV show was my inspiration. I decided to combine it with the also signature Fez and bowtie, just to add to the already amazing TARDIS for an overload of cool.
Throughout this process, I was working with a totally new medium. Never before had I carved, made prints, or used real ink. The closes I had  come was coating an eraser in magic marker and stamping it on scrap paper. It was really fun, and it's a medium I would love to use again.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catch Me!

Catch me!~<3 Constantly, I'm terrified by the things that occur in the world around me, and no matter how badly I want it, I keep falling, falling, and falling. Each time I fall however, it seems I land right back in God's word. Finding in it, everything that I was looking for to hold on to. So time and time again, I'll let myself fall into his word, just to be surrounded by God all over again!