Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sunny Daze

First off, I must honestly say how pleased I am with how this project turned out. I was ecstatic about the photo when I originally took it, and then I became enthralled in happiness when I discovered that for this project I would be researching a wonderful artist such as Vincent Van Gogh, and imitating his style for my own original work! Van Gogh is my favorite artist, and I adore all of his work. During this project, I encountered various obstacles as I had not yet worked with broken strokes, nor had I painted a landscape in a few years. The paint often seemed thin when I placed it onto the canvas, thus not achieving the thick bold strokes used by Van Gogh. However, eventually after layers upon layers I overcame this.
Throughout the project I learned a handful of new things about painting, before I had not known of a wash, and I must admit I'm rather fond of the effect the wash gave to the painting. The paint clung to the canvas easier, and it gave the whole piece a wonderful undertone that I find extremely inviting. Consistently in the piece I was given advice, and deciding to stray from my stubbornness, I followed this advice, and was more than pleased with the effect. From placing brown strokes onto the shingles of the barn roof, or adding more broken strokes into the piece, it seemed to get worse with every stroke, till I laid the last stroke.
Though I could not tell you the location of subject, I could detail to you that the photo was taken on a warm and humid afternoon, while I was on the bus to head to a Youth Retreat this past fall. For near thirty minutes, I held up my tablet and just took a picture of everything that passed, as that time of day the sun was in a gorgeous positioning that made my heart flutter. Possibly this was because of my obsession with light, which may also be my origins for my love of the simplistic and stunning works of Vincent Van Gogh.
The Original Photo

The Wash, Burnt Seina and a LOT of water

A Few sketches for the basic idea

My Baby :3 The Final Piece: Sunny Daze