Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Typing Art

I adored making this project, hands down. I drew the basic conceot design from a steampunk laptop I saw on pinterest, and being in need of a new keyboard case for my keyboard and tablet, and thus I began. Begining with an old book (I used the encyclopedia of contemporary authors volume 1.) I first hallowed out two vessels deep enough to host the desired devices, adding slots for the appropriate things such as cords, power switches  and the like. Then, the decopague began. As I selected various layers, backgrounds, and details, I made sure they were all things that reflected me. Afterall, I intended it to be something I used daily. The first layer, done entirely with gesso went over the keyboard and unified the peice.
With it, I attempted to go for an overall storybook feel to reflect my storybook life. Small town girl with a prince of a boyfriend, darling friends, suitable financial conditions and little worries within the world. After several layers of tissuepaper to create the background,  the trees, and the forest floor, I discovered it needed more color, amd added lauers of watercolor, marker, and pen. When the layers were complted, I returned to the words with appropriate colors to pull them forward through the text. I was very much satisfied with the ending effect. Likely I'll go back in and add fanning to the sides to further stabalize the peice and line the sides visible upon shutting with a gold leafing pen. In practicality, the book works as a fully functional keyboard case. However as a case itself, it needs some reinforcement which I will later add. If not held properly, the tablet will slide out when the book is shut. Possibly one of my favorite results, I am fond of this project, and love using it.