Thursday, May 8, 2014


Carter Smith is a Shibori artist from the Americas who has been working with Shibori for over 49 years. He hand dyes each peice of fabric used to create luxurious garments out of beautifuly dyed silks and fabrics. He works in various styles, though most of the final garments are free flowing and drape gracefully. I was attracted to the work by its way of making Tie Dye, not look like Tie Dye, but something almost natural, as if the fabric grew like that. 

Sunday on La Grande Jatte

For this project, which consisted of re enacting famous paintings in order to produce a music similar to video linked here: 70 Million, my group selected the piece entitled: Sunday on La Grande Jatte.
My group, which consisted of Chelsea (Cardboard Dog & Presentation), Nichole (Cardboard Dog & Presentation, Tori (Woman in Red), and myself (Woman in Black, form, and lip syncing) worked minimally for the project, only creating 3 set pieces, and using costumes and surroundings to imitate the picture, without making the multitude shown in the original painting.
If I were to do the project, I would have selected an easier painting to imitate, as well as having memorized the song and played it while filming, as to improve the lipsyncing.