Thursday, August 23, 2012


Sheep have to be my favorite animal, hands down. I mean, it's not because their cute, gentle animals that have a great significance in Biblical metaphors. But they remind me of myself in some ways. Happy, unpredictable, and always in need of protection. Sometimes people take my I can take care of myself act in a different way then I mean it. People often treat me like I'm just weak, or I need to grow up. Yet they don't realize that I have, and when I crack under pressure, that means I have allot of pressure. I used to think that being a Lamb of God ment that I wouldn't feel any pain, but a short time later I discovered that being a Lamb of God means that God would be there for me and help me through the pain, and that pain is unavoidable. Even if your a health freak and you never have to worry about physical pain, you'll still have physiological and emotional pain. I'm lucky enough to deal with all three. I'm still young, so I want to talk with my friends about normal stuff, but I also want to be able to be open with my friends about what Christ is to me and what he's doing with my life without being rejected by my friends Often they'll ask me to tone down the God talk or two be more like him or her. Yet each time makes me want to run away from them. I used to have a ton of friends at church (like everyone in my SS class) but then we all matured, and shot out in different directions. My weirdness and lack of discipline towards talking about the stuff I love caused me to become outcasted even by some of my peers at Church. I still have a few friends who love me despite my complaining, whiny remarks, prissy behavior, sudden tomboy flashes, appearance, and lack of control over how much of my love for God I show. These few girls have been there for me despite all afflictions, even when we only see each other once a month! Although some of them aren't Christian, I still love them because in the end, we're all sheep of the same Shepherd.
Being a sheep also reminded me that I'm not exactly invincible and I still shed blood and tears. Out there, in school, in public, anywhere I go there will always be someone trying to lead me astray or trying to put a whole in my heart. And because of that I'll try to do my best to follow my Shepherd so that I can stay with the safety of my Lord.