Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I didn't start out Christian. Neither did the twelve disciples, my pastor, or actually any human being.
We all started out the same. An infant, sinful by nature, curious and tempted by the world. Yet, though it may not seem like it, some of us, still are an infant. Sure, now we know how to count, multiply, divide. Maybe you can even do calculus! Yet, at heart, even 600 year olds can be no different than a baby.
I would say they, but instead I'll use Billy as an direct person.
Billy still cries, but not as much
Billy still takes things without asking,
Billy still does things he knows he is not supposed to
Billy still rebels
Billy... Still hides from God

A Baby may not know about Jesus or his love. Yet A grown man should at least know it.
A grown woman should too. A teenager. I even know ten year olds who are more Godly than seven of my classmates.

We are not called to say a prayer and be done, as if it were some optional thing like desert. Though that is the way some people think about it, like desert. Think of life like a meal. The decisions you make are like the menue, where you pick and choose what you are going to eat. Also like a menue, You don't know how that food will taste, ans sometimes, you can't tell what it will cost either. Often, if your like me, you'll find yourself asking other's for their opinion, And finally when you have it narrowed down to two favorites, your stuck and you end up picking what's cheaper. Now, after all of that struggle You come to desert, where, some people would skip it, others would never. Some people say that it is extra, un-needed to complete the meal. Yet, what they don't realize is that this is no ordinary desert. Though, if you look at the menue, all it says is chocolate cake, no description, no price, no picture. Your friend orders it, yet you and you peers don't Yet, when it comes, you regret it. The food you had chosen didn't quite fill you, and this is no ordinary Chocolate cake. This is a warm, decadent, made from scratch cake, with dark chocolate butter cream frosting oozing down the sides. With an ice cold scoop of Old fashioned vanilla Ice cream. This, is The Chocolate Cake. Plus, the best part is, it never runs out, never grows soggy or cold, never gets bad. and it is one hundred percent free. No calories, no cost, no need of going home and running a mile.

Life is like going out to eat. This is one desert, you Do Not want to miss out on.