Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dating Jesus: Part 1

As teenage girls, and well, women in general we are constantly pursuing a romantic relationship, or at the least a close relationship with someone, something, some being. I look around my high school and I see it constantly. Girls, and guys as well, doing all they can just to fit in with a group of friends. These actions vary from drugs to a change of clothes. Yet, standing outside of the circles, I wonder what it would be like to pursue the in-crowd of a different kind.
When I was younger, I was often rejected by others of my age, and even today, in classes, in bible studies, in society, I frequently stand on my own. This rejection by society pulled me constantly closer to God. He was my shelter, my haven, my only friend. Now in high school, much to my elder's dismay, and to that of some of my friend, I have been drawn to what nearly all teenage girls are, boys. I remember last year I probably had a crush on a new boy every month, at one time, even being attracted to four or five. Yet, during middle school, I also had begun to lean upon online communities. Role play games, Massive multi-player online role play games. Facebook. Pinterest. Wattpad. Quibblo. Minecraft. Through all of these, I thought, I believed, that I was using these to be a witness for Christ, and often, I was. However, I was also pulling away from Christ, away from my devotion for him. How does this relate?
Christ, is like the PERFECT boyfriend. Christ is truly, the only guy whom will EVER fit the cookie cutter of the perfect man. He loves his girl, he suffered for his girl, and he constantly tries to pursue her and make her his.
My traveling away from Christ was constantly interrupted by events such as groundings, sites going offline, or vacations. During these, I acted as if we had never been separated at all, as if I hadn't neglected to tell him about what's been happening while we weren't together.
This, is often a common factor when a girl is cheating on a guy. She will focus on him when their together, but her mind will go chase another when they're not.
We the bride of Christ, are dating Jesus.
However, no matter how many times we cheat on him, he still accepts us with open arms.
He knows about the other guy, he does, but he doesn't care. He still loves us.
He even constantly battles the other guy for us, even fighting with us to draw us back to him.
Looking back, I now see those interruptions were God trying to draw me back to him.
Those were the "dates" where we simply sat on either side of the table, I texting the other guy, him trying to get my attention.
He rescued me whenever I fell.
He held the door for me.
He did it all.
So how does this post translate to living today?
When a girl pursues a guy (back me up here girls) she will go all out.
-Listen to his favorite songs (Praise songs)
-Avoid, turn down, and force herself to change things about her he doesn't like. (Sin)
-Talk to him, trust him, and try to get to know him (prayer and reading his word)
-read his favorite novels (Bible)
-Hang out with him (Worship)
-Meet his family (Fellowship)
-Go places with him (Church)

Yet most importantly,

Focus on him, and not the other guy, at all times.