Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Majesty of Galaxies

For this piece, I picked the theme of disguise. Often, in everyday life we believe that God is completely invisible to us, and we forget that the creation around us, is an image of its creator. However, one medium alone did not convey the picture I imagined, so this piece is done in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, oil pastel, chalk pastel, acrylic, colored pencil, marker, and even whiteout. Through the project I had a variety of difficulties trying to correctly convey the idea of galaxies while forming the face of Jesus Christ. However, the mixing of a variety of mediums was very successful.

Overall the piece was completely successful, it turned out almost exactly the way I imagined it. I'm most proud of the top section, yet to me it is also the most distracting part. If I could, I would have planned it out a bit better as to improve the proportions of the face, and I would have sanded to board more. From this, I learned the importance of basic sketches, even on the final draft. I also learned that one can add layers of various mediums to blend out a color or achieve a desired effect.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finished- Seed of The Sea

In the end, I think my first high school art project, this 2 in 1 project turned out very well. I would probably have focused more on getting the background perfect, and sketched the proportions onto the paper before doing the final piece. Unloved the way the mermaids face and the branches blend through her hair. The project shows a mermaid turning into a tree. Thus displaying 2 objects in one.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Don't Mention it.

I'm sure we all have seen them. The people whom will NOT STOP TALKING.
I know, I'm probably one of them.
What surprises me, is whenever I mention God, the Bible, praying, or well, just about anything savior related around some people, I can sense them recoil. They may not do it physically, but I can look at their eyes, or simply tell, they hate the church stuff. They do.
I've never really been able to tell why these people seem to hate the love of God.
Then, I clicked on a youtube channel which was supposedly held by a Christian man.
That video, made me want to get as far away from Christians as possible.

These people, whom recoil in the name of Christ, are not demon possessed (in most cases), not fearful of the love of God. Not even fearful of Christ.

They, are afraid of us "Christians".

It makes me sick.

I hate it.
I really do.
I hate the fact that now, we followers of the Lord are becoming known not for being reflections of the Lord, but goody-two-shoes that are both self-rightous, and hypocritical.

As a Christian girl myself, I try to do three things the best I can.
1: Glorify God
2: Guard my heart
3: Be an example of Jesus to those around me.

I'm sure just about anyone is familiar with the first and second ones. Give God the Glory, not thyself, etc. Yet the Third one is one I'd like to touch base on today.

If Jerry only swears when Sue isn't around, Sue won't know he swears right?
Plus, if Sue only acts like Jesus when Jerry isn't around, how will Jerry know that Sue loves God?
When we love someone, we try to do everything we can to be like them. I was once told about a girl whom hated sports, but was dating a guy who liked UNC. Her father and family loved State, but, when asked, she always rooted for UNC, because her boyfriend liked that team.

Christians have been called candles, tools, fishermen, shepherds, sheep, and many other things.
My favorite, is Actors.
William Shakespeare was onto something when he said the famous quote "We are all but players, and the world is a stage."
We are all actors, portraying a character, and in the case of Christians, we should stop portraying some kind of evangelical clown, or super devoted minion of a mastermind. We should portray Christ. With compassion, love, patience, joy, self-control, and one we seem to forget, peace.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Two In One- Art 1

In art one we are currently working on Two-In-One art pieces. My piece, picture below, is inspired by the stories of the Dryads and Naiads of Myth and Legend. The story behind the piece is about a mermaid, whom was cast ashore on a cliff side during a storm. Unable to return to the sea, her tears watered the seeds of her love for the land she now was cursed to stay, and thus, she rooted to the cliff side. Turning slowly into the first Dryad.For the piece, I'm working with Charcoal on large paper, as to challenge myself. In the past I've mostly drawn with graphite and marker, as well as crayon. Though, most popularly I've used acrylic paint on stretched canvas, between the sizes of 2" by 2" and 11" by 10". The difficulties I've had with the piece first off are that I neglected to portion the drawing properly, and cannot fit my entire idea. Plus, with charcoal, it is exceptionally hard to do the detailing needed to portray tree bark in the moonlight.