Tuesday, July 31, 2012


            Friends are not a luxury. They are not optional. They are not required, they are not bought or sold, nor are they given and taken. You do not give a person. Weather it is yourself, or anyone else. Nor do you take a person. Nor do you buy or sell a person. A friend is just the same. A friend is a safe zone, a life jacket, a shelter. They keep you safe.
It’s like your favorite stuffed animal. You don’t remember exactly when you got it, or where, the how or the why, you just don’t remember them. All you remember is that you love them, and because of that, you love them. I don’t know about you, but my life has gone by in a complete blur. And do you know what I remember the most? It’s not what I see, feel, smell, taste, or touch. It’s the love that I have felt from friends, Family, Neighbors, The joy of reaching one’s dreams. It’s what you feel when your favorite music is blasting louder than you can take, and you’re surrounded by friends. Love. Love lasts, Love is permanent. Love is something you can’t change or take away. And I’m not talking about “love” I’m not talking about the way you feel about ice cream or the beach, I’m talking about the way you feel about your family, or your best friend. The people who you can’t imagine living without.

Friends make you happy. A true friend will go out of their comfort zone so that you can feel good. A true friend, will give up what makes them most happy in order to make you happy. They’d give up their lives to save yours.
Friends know what you like. They take time to know you. When they hear your voice they should stop everything and listen to what you have to say. Even if their trying to save your life.

I wish my friends were like this. I hope I strive towards this, because this is how I imagine a good friend.

So far when I think of this, I can only think of one friend I have. I won’t tell you her name, but I think she knows who she is.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Amazing Grace
How Sweet the Sound
That Saved a Wretch Like me
I Once was lost
But now am Found
I was once Blind
But Now I see


I once was lost in Darkest night
And thought I Knew the way
The Sin the Promised
Joy and Life
Had led me two the Grave


These are the first verses of two very similar songs. But they both remind me of something. How Blind this world must be. As Some of you may know, I played the character of Christmas Present in my schools recent production of a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I still remember all my lines. Including one which has been floating around in my mind allot. "Have you Not Seen, Have you not Heard? Man if Man you Be Forebear that Wicked Cant until you have discovered What Surplus is and where it is." In the Play, My character was a being who lived only on Christmas, yet this line remains present in my mind, unlike my character that "died" backing into the curtains at our last performance. you see. Many Christians I know don't experience the doubt of others or people bulling them for their faith. And I know why as well. Could a girl be known around the school for her amazing singing skills, or called a horrible singer, if she never sang. Actions speak louder than words. Actors know this all to well. For the ones winning the most awards, are the ones with the least lines.

Pardon me... I got off track there. As I was saying. I see allot of unbelief in my peers. I'll meet friends who say they are my sibling through Christ. Yet I'll never see then pray. I'll never hear them speak of God. And I'll never feel the love of God when hanging out with them. I'll also meet many who boldly come up to me and say, Stop being such a freak. Stop talking a bout your God. and even the classic. I don't believe in that Stuff. I used to explain the existence ofGod to them using my testimony. But now I realize that the kids at school need something a little more agressive than this passive sheep. The other day I yelled at a tree the exact words I would say to them If they would just listen. I've written them down for you to see."

"Oh, so you Say you don't believe in God. Well... that's inane. I mean, Have you not seen? Have you Not Heard? Every thing I see makes me think of nothing but Him! I look at the dirt and I think of Him. I look at the leaves and I think what a glorious God we have who took the time to carve every detail of every leaf out of pure nothing. I look at the rivers streams, oceans and lakes and I think of his might and splendor. I look at storms and think how strong he Is. I look at mountains, trees, birds, insects, and think of His everlasting and amazing love. By saying there is no God you say there is no such thing as love. For true love is its own emotion not explainable by any hormone or gene. And if you think our God is not the one and only God. well, then take that up with the thousands of Christians. And also take that up with the Islams and the Jews. For we all worship the God of Abraham. Yet that is all we have in Common. Every religion in the world has someone who existed who was like to or similar to the Christian Jesus. We even have records that he Existed, and they match our Scriptures excellently. Throughout the ages the Church has survived for one reason only. God is with us. if you want to know if God exists, let me tell about the three miracles I've experienced in the last two years. or just spend a few hours with a group of believers. then tell me, there is no God. And. As my closing point in this argument. I just proved my living God exists, without using my Bible.


And as I ran
My Hell bound Race
Indifferent to the Cost
You looked upon
My Helpless state
And Led me to the Cross

All I have is Christ
Jesus is My Life

Look up the rest of this song titled All I have is Christ.

Philippians 1:3
I thank my God every time I remember you.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Hobbies?

I've been inspired, plus I want something creative to do.
Pick one of the following and post it on my FB Whichever gets the most vote's I'll feature when I start doing videos

- Learning French (Por Qua)
-Write God Glorifying Parodies to popular non Christian songs (Call me Maybe, 1D, etc.)
-Spend all my money on art supplies and brush up before school starts (doodle much?)
-Finish my Algebra Workbook(The Horror!)