Monday, September 21, 2015

Art Without Meaning has Meaning

Some argue that meaningless art can be considered mearly decoration, but that suggests that art with meaning cannot be decoration. Recently, I spent some time in Europe, and not one peice of decor was there simply to be decor. In my opinion, no art is without meaning, even if the veiwer is blind to it. The artist puts meaning behind every brushstroke, even subconsious, and it simply takes one seeking a meaning to place a meaning into the words.
Take a simple sculture of mishmashed papers, to most, its trash, but to someone, its the setting of a story of adventure, inspiring long treks on the beach, or a simple cupcake, delving into the childlike intregue and sweetness of a favourite TV show (as the pictured cake has a TARDIS frosted upon it.)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Atypical Adoration

Ok... not a Biblically metahorical peice, but a romantic one. Inspired by the intimate, but non-physical relationship of two close friends of mine, one american, one english. This peice focuses on the art element of colour (color), blurring the division we often associate with these across ocean neighbours, and connecting them with words in a handful of colours, but primarly, the color constant, black. The theme of the connection is bound into the curling words that weave across the page, etching out quotes from him to her, her to him, or shared by the both of them.
Few realize that red, white, and blue, are the colours repeated most commonly in flags, and brass, an ageless metal, represents the agelessness of this forgotten repition. However,  binding all of this peice together would be the words and why they were said, for this peice displays colours of friendship, quotes of adoration, and in all, makes magic.
The peice was began using only fingers, and as you can see, just red blue and white, then brass aged it, and the quotes bonded it all.