Monday, June 9, 2014

Redeming Chains

This project, definatly was a learning experience. From creating the shards and leaves, to constructing the chain, the teqnique used to fabricate this necklace allowed me tomexpand my horizons with clay, learn to like wire, and become very, very thankful for tools.
The story, told through this peice, is that of the human heart. Were one to peice the shards together, they would find a heart. Our hearts, poisoned by the lies of this world, become shattered, broken, diseased and without repair. However, if one gives their heart to Christ, because of the cross, he creates us into a new, thriving lush creation.

Cross Point

Perspective. The whole of this peice very possibly could be sumed up in the  singular word, perspectove. When asking for ideas before I began the project, every one gave me a dofferent opinion, and even afterwards, I still received ideas that were different from my own. Though I was familar with acrylic, this peice taught me to layer, blend, layer, repeat. As I attempted to recreate the look of old wood on the peice. The drivig idea behind the peice, was the cross. From the perspective of many, it is a fencepost, keeping them in. Bordering their lives, and restraining them from being free. To the perspective of others, it is a lantern, a comfort, and a resting place.
Hopefuly, one can look upon the peice and be comforted, not set on edge, and realize, though a fence post the cross may be, it is one that protects us from something much worse.