Friday, October 30, 2015

A game of Galatic war

The game of chess, a game for all ages, genders, races, and now planets. Weilding the  post modern principal of repetition,  I used layers of tissue paper cut and pasted to create a chessboard mimicing the sun and the moon, at the same time. Imitations of the planets represent the king, queen, rook, bishop, and knight, with tiny moons as the pawns. Each side is splattered with their respective colour, and, if all peices are present, the set is fully functional! As proven since my art teacher defeated me...
I made a planetary chess set of the base that both of these, are  traditionally very nerdy things, that are overlooked partly by modern soceity.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Best Art Supply Shop does not carry Art Supplies

I personally agree whole heartedly with the concept of Art being more than just the standard acrylics, paper, or pen. Thinking outside of the box is part of what Art's all about, and a majority of what I spend my childhood doing. A great number of art pieces that are well known or praised, are the ones that don't feature someone one would often expect. Using the unexpected actually reminds me a bit of a project I completed last year, if I may retouch on "Typing Art" Posted all the way back in January!
Using something no one wanted (A 1920's Encyclopedia of Non-Fiction Authors), I was able to not only create a work of art, but also something that was temporarily, functional.
I say Temporarily because remember that issue I had with the tablet sliding out?
that happened...
The screen blistered, and I had to get a new tablet... and was forced to throw my lovely project in the trash... I will try to do something similar in the future however, as I loved that project.
Here's an image for the lazy ones who don't want to scroll through to January.

I'm sure by now, you're aware how obsessed I am with words... words can be used too!!  They make beautiful pictures that anyone can enjoy! 
(I bear no claim to this photo or any that follow)

Nature can be art! 

Shoes can be art! 

Really, anything can be made into art, if you just set your mind to it.

Post Modern Principals- Reaction

In reaction to this article, I have little to say.
What I do have to say, is why attempt to define art? To say something has certain principles behind it, is simply to give something a plain, boring, textbook meaning. This argument has a lot to go with my previous post, Art without Meaning. As the way I see it, the more one attempts to get someone to put art in an educational light, the less power the art has. To define things such as juxtaposition, text, net art, and otherwise, would be less principles, than simply methods. To me, a principle is a standard or guideline, while these, are simply common themes that one can spot throughout many pieces of artwork.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Tear of Redemtion

In this project, the question of redemption came to mind. In particular, the question of what does Redemtion feel like? Infuenced by a relationship In a story, I built a story, using two smaller and one medium canvas, all contained the same background, one contained a girl alone, one contained a heart, and the last, contained two friends embracing.
In order to mimic the seperation, destruction became my friend, using scissors I first periced the canvases to be torn (the friends and the heart). Then, I punched the canvas to tear them apart litterally. Next I stitched the canvas with a red thread, symbolizing both anger and love, and last attached it all together with hot glue