Art 2 Final Exam

Out of all my projects, I would have to say tye most recent, the keyboard case foe my tavlet was the most sucessful. In the peice I attempted to follow a theme of childlike whimsy and fantasy, similar to that which I write in. Every material added seemed only to enhance the project, and the overall peice was only satisfactory. I enjoyed working in the multimedia layers, and adored being able to work with the shape of the case.
On the contrast, my first peice was likely my least sucessful. I loathed the ending feel of the peice, which contrasted so far from my original omaginig. It felt raw, futurisitic, and harsh. I wanted something that pulled back in time, feeling soft, light, and free. Obviously the mistake that acheived this was the black.
Sunny Daze, and my clay food show the majority of my growth I beleive. Previously, I had rarely used a photo for a reference, or really played with the paint. With Sunny Daze, I was able to do this in such a way I was able to complete one of the best of my paintings so far. It allowed me to explore painting techniques I had not yet persued, and accomplish a masterpeice. With the clay, I for once acheived a smooth appearance I had yet to acheive on any clay peice of mine. Likley both of these were caused by learning patience.

The watercolor apples and oil pastel candy taugh me to be patient with my layers, and not to push so much. I had to learn to think about how colors would overlap and blend. I'd love to ise these more, but as far as intruction goes, I find I'll learn faster on my own.

By far, my favorite medium was acyrlic, as it has been. I enjoy the opacity, fluidity, amd freedom it gives. Through it I could acheive shadows, highlights, contours, all with the stroke of a brush. It's a medium I will continue in for ages to come, and would love to delve into more.