Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Chapters

Hey everyone!
How have you been doing on that challenge I issued you last week?
Seriously, congratulations to anyone who has met it so far!
No worries if you have not though! Week 2 is here for you with a brand new challenge.
Alright, so Time is a big thing for everyone these days isn't it. We always seem to be out of time, have too much time, or right on time. Time for this, Time for that. Time Time Time Time.
We sound like Gallifreayans we speak of time so much. (Doctor Who Reference there!)
Often, we become so enthralled in trying to be something, wether it's a good student, a good home-maker, a good parent, or even a good evangelist, that we neglect taking the time to speak to the one who made us, or even worse, we lack to simply listen.
Just the other night, I saw some friends of mine I hadn't seen in ages. They never got a word in, because I was so busy trying to talk to them, that I neglected to let them talk to me.
God is the same.
As much as we want to talk to him, he wants to talk to us all the more.
I admit, today I opened my Bible because I had nothing else to do after my test.
Like just about anyone, I couldn't figure out where to start. Genesis, and pretty much the entire new testiment excluding revelation had already been victim to my boredum, but I wanted something new. Often, at times like this, I would hold my Bible by the spine and ask God to open it to the page he wanted me to read. Almost always, it opened to where my bookmark was, or Psalms, or both.
Today, a voice inside me chanted "Ezekiel."
At first, I was a bit sceptical, the Prophets often bored me as they were mostly threats to destroy one city or another. Yet, I turned to it anyway.
Ezekiel didn't really capture my attention till a few words in. Then, he gave the exact date. The Fifth Day of the Fourth Month, in the 30th Year.  I researched the jewish calendar for a few minutes, and I discovered that the date would have been about June 14th, 30 BC. This was the first time I'd seen a date that specific in the Bible.
In my book, the Prolauge takes place at the end of summer in 2016. It begins early summer, 2017.
In order to understand where I'm going with my book let me just say this.
-I'm writing a book about Angels
-I'm trying to make it Biblically acturate, as well as secular enough that it can be read by someone without any scripture knowledge.
-I needed to figure out a timeframe for this book.

The passage that followed that date, described a vision given to Ezekiel, which I interpret to have been four angels, and the spirit that came with them, was a reflection, merely a reflection, of God.

Challenge: Count each time you speak and keep track of how much you talk a day.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dating Jesus: Part 2: Chicken Noodle Soup

Recently, I caught the sniffles, and I told my boyfriend, then he brought me chicken noodle soup.
Just kidding.
Truthfully, I caught the sniffles, and my "boyfriend", Jesus Christ used the teachings of my church bible study group to display to me, just how much he truly loves me.
In reality, our sickness is much worse than a little cold.
As a matter of fact, it's much deadlier as well.
Our illness, sin, is horrible.
However, despite that, let me put this into an analogy some will understand.
In the book of Hosea, God speaks through the Prophet Hosea and tells him to take a wife from among the prostitutes, and have children from prostitution. Why? To use Hosea as an example. We, as the human race, have been sleeping around, or being prostitutes for sin. Yet, Jesus Christ, despite how much we love to be prostitutes, peruses us, loves us, and happily marries us, demanding of us that we commit to one man, and one man alone.
Male Readers, please insert girl whenever I state man, homosexuality IS a sin, specifically stated several times in the Bible. (Even though I don't know why you're reading a section on dating Jesus, but it's your own choice)
We are adulteres, prostitutes, and deathly ill.
Yet, Jesus is our redemption. He asks us to commit our lives to a singular man. He asks us to commit ourselves to him alone. Not to another thing, ever.
Our God is a jealous God, a husband who wants all of you, not some, but all.
Recently I was asked (by myself) Why I'm comparing God, aka, Jesus, aka, the holy spirit, to a boyfriend, or saying he's the perfect husband, when most compare him to a father. In modern society, whom do you value more? Your boyfriend or your daddy?
Seriously, that's a question I have.
The comparison comes straight out of the New Testament. Jesus is said to be the coming bridegroom, and the church, the bride, and we, are the church.

New Years Resolutions, and Challenges to You.

Hello Readers! (that sounds so weird... I didn't expect anyone to read this blog.)
I know.. I haven't posted anything in just about FOREVER.
But recently, God's placed something on my heart as I attempt to change my lifestyle to better honor him.
This year, in ever post I make, I will issue a challenge.

Today's Challenge: Take only that which is offered to you.

I know, it's a weird one. Essentially, what I'm saying is, don't ask for a piece of cake, but instead only take a piece of cake if someone asks if you want one. 
Or, don't ask someone to do something for you, only have them do it if they offer to. 

Thoughts behind this:
Ever since we're infants, our own will and want often gets in the way of others. We find ourselves constantly asking "More! More!" Or asking if someone else can do something for us. Of course, those questions are necessary for things such as those which we cannot do, but often, we abuse the ability to request help and ask people to take care of something for us so that we don't have to do it ourselves.

God never asks for anything from us, but he lovingly takes and cherishes everything he is offered.

In that, I believe is a way we can be like him. Instead of thrusting ourselves upon situations, ideas, or objects, we wait patiently, and cherish it  every moment it rests in our hands. Help always will be, and always is needed for most things, but help God will always provide if you ask him for it. Humanity will often fail us, and make us unable to carry on. God however, will always be more than willing to lend a helping hand, and he never asks for anything more than you are willing to give in return. 

Okay, I admit, I broke this challenge today when I came up with it (the cake was yummy :3). But that's why I came up with it. So we are more conscious of when we take something. Everyone has goals, but none can be obtained by being greedy.